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The hotel is now closed!!!!!!

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In 1998 the community of Kali Vrisi, in Drama, restored what was once a traditional tobacco house into a hostel. The ground level, which was the warehouse of the family, is now the lobby and dining room, with an inviting fireplace. There are two upper levels with their own fireplaces as well, and each story contains five double rooms.

Apart from the lodging, guided tours of the area are available by either bicycle or foot. There are also tours by bus or another vehicle can be pre-arranged. You can rent a bike, and take part in the trips for the local festivities and folklore events, including seasonal food gathering. Services are also provided for cycling, running or any outdoor clubs or teams to schedule activities here. All activities and events are open to anyone who is not staying in the hostel as well.

Aktina bikehotel offers a discount of 10% to all guests travelling by the local bus (KTEL Drama) or their bicycles.