Category: Cycling
Title: Tour of Agios Pavlos Mountain – Fortresses –Historical Passages

The trip is a tour of the south western peak of Falakro Mt. (Agios Pavlos – 1753m.). On one side of the route one can be seen the springs of the river Angitis and on the other side the sinkholes from which this river is formed. This area was for many years the passage from the Drama basin, and the area of Nevrokopi as well as the borders to Bulgaria. There are big differences in the natural environment and microclimate of the area. Fortresses of World  War II, antitank impediments, religious monuments and an uncompleted sanatorium, are just some of the varied sights available on this route.

Length of route: 80km (alternatively 55km)

Time: 4.5 hr

Good conditioning and endurance are required.

Price: 40€ per person (for groups of 4 or more people there is a 20% discount)

Bike renting and basic bike equipment are included in price.

The trips can be organized all year round depending on the weather conditions.