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The city of Drama lies between the mountains and the plains of the prefectures. Its population is around 45,000 people.

The social and financial life of the city still revolves around the springs of St. Barbara. The settling of Drama is possibly related to the water, and is first known to be referred to around the 11th century A.D. Despite the lack of archaeological research, there is some evidence that the city itself was inhabited by people from the prehistoric ages until nowadays.

The city flourished from the time of the Ottoman reign and even later when the tobacco industry and cultivation was rising and made the city a center of production and trade of tobacco.

Today Drama is best known for the Short Length Movie Festival, the summer music event “Dramaica”, the day of the patron Saint of Drama, Saint Barbara, which is celebrated on December 4th, as well as every year in the village of Onirupoli where for more than a month, everything is transformed into a Christmas Village.

One can visit the city by train, bus or car, using the road Egnatia to Kavala through the junction of Amfipolis.


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