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The village of Kali Vrisi lies at the foot of Mt. Menikio (270m. alt.) and is in the municipality of Prosotsani. The population of around 700 people and consists of mostly native Greeks, and closer to the outskirts of the village, Greeks from Asia Minor and the Black Sea region that had come and settled there in 1923. The village is very well known for its wine and tsipouro production, its local traditions and festivals; for example, “Mpampougera” the carnival of Epiphany, or “litania” the ritual procession around the village's rural boundaries ( it takes place on the first Friday after Easter) and is organized by the local society ( The village has also become known for the recently excavated archaeological site that is connected to Dionysos, just outside of the village.

While you are here, there are two tavernas and a pizzeria to eat at, as well as coffee shops, a bakery, grocery store, and a pharmacy in the village, all within walking distance.

Distance to Kali Vrisi:

  • From Thessaloniki: 170 km.
  • From Kavala: 55 km.
  • From Drama: 22 km.
  • From Prosotsani: 7 km.
  • From Falakro Ski Center: 35 km.
  • From Cave of Aggitis (Maara): 8 km.